Millennium Healthcare and Millennium Surgicals are trading firms started by Mr Rakesh C Jain in the year 1997. A young and dynamic personality with vast years of experience in the medical disposable field, has been able to take both the firms to new heights.

Head quartered at Mumbai, we have our distribution and godown at Bhiwandi. Years of Hard work and expertise in the profession has added many MNC’s to our distribution network.


  • General Products
  • Urology
  • Cardiology
  • Cancer
  • Ortho/Plastic
  • Respiratory Products

Under general products, we have a large array of surgical healthcare products of high quality. Some of the products are mentioned below :

  • Safti Premium IV Set
  • Mexisafe Flow Regulator with IV Set
  • Mexisafe Disposable Apron
  • Mexisafe Hip-U-Drape
  • Discofix

Under Urology, we provide Safti Urine Bag which is highly recommended for its quality and trust. Features of Safti Uring Bag are as follows :

  • Urine Bag is made up Non Toxic Medical Grade film
  • Integrated Non- Return valve provided
  • Transparent Tubing for better visibility
  • Non-Toxic Medical Grade PVC Tubing with kink free for inlet
  • Non return-valve prevents back flow of Urine during usage.

In Cardiology, we provide various products mentioned below. We are the authorised distributors for B Braun’s. And our products under this category is favourable to the clients.

  • ECG electrode (Swaromed)
  • B Braun Certofix Duo
  • B Braun Certofix Trio


Our Healthcare products are remarkable and our clients deserves the best. SO we always strive to provide healthcare products in time. IMMU and IV set plays very important roll in healthcare especially at Cancer Facility. We have products under this category mentioned below.

  • IMMU set
  • Ultra Guard(Codan Type IV Set)


Ortho / Plastic Healthcare products plays very important roll when it comes to surgical treatments and operations. We provide various best products in this category. Check it out below.

  • Covidien Skin Staplers
  • B Braun Skin Grafting Blade


Under these, we provide Neubilizer Machine & Mask, Ventilator Kit, Nasal Cannula etc.. We provide various best products of Maxisafe Brand in this category. Check it out below.

  • Mexisafe Nebulizer Machine
  • Mexisafe Nebulizer Mask
  • Mexisafe Ventilator Kit
  • Mexisafe T Recovery Kit
  • Mexisafe Oxygen Mask
  • Mexisafe Nasal Cannula

We Care about Health Services

If you have an enquiry regarding any of our products, services or pricing, simply call us or contact us.

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